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Commandments for Christians – Romans 8

The-Ten-Commandments-Tablets-Are-Christians-Under-the-LawIn my introduction to this series of blog posts, I drew attention to verses that supported my belief that the ten commandments were no longer applicable to the believer.

Verses like Romans 10:4, that I understood taught the law ended at the cross.

I hope you have noted that during our discussions in this topic, I found that the keeping of the ten commandments is a fruit of living in the Spirit, not a requirement to keep the Spirit.

Massive difference, and one which makes so much sense.  But what about those earlier verses?  I can’t just ignore them, or relegate them to some dustbin of irrelevance.  No no no – that won’t do!

So in this epilogue, I thought I would consider the verses that helped support my erroneous thinking earlier.

So off we go.

Our next set of verses will be found in the book of Romans

Romans 8:2

For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.

This one is the key verse I depended on in justifying my rejection of God’s moral code.  Note that the verse speaks of two laws – I focused only on the second reference.  I was free from the law of sin and death.

But ya gotta consider that vacuums do not exist!  When a vacuum exists (which I just told you don’t), something has to fill the void.  I am free from the law of sin and death, but only because the law of the Spirit of life has overtaken that law.

The Spirit of life (I am assuming this refers to the Holy Spirit) is of the same character as the Messiah, and as the Father.  All three of the Godhead live in harmony, righteously existing together.  It is important to remember that the 10 commandments, or God’s moral code, is an expression of God’s righteous character.

To refer to the law of the Spirit is not speaking of a different moral code.  It is the same code as that revealed at Sinai, but now we have the power to live it, to understand and exercise our decision making process to follow the principles laid out in the code.

Take for example the 4th commandment.  The Sabbath.  How does a Christian obey that commandment under the law of the Spirit of life?

I would suggest it is not simply the restraining of physical labor for one day a week.  That exercise of the nation of Israel was the type.

Story Time

The Sabbath rest of God for the believer is a promise that the writer of Hebrews fears we may miss out on.  I understand this due to my constant fear and worry that I live in (if I allow it!)

I have certain weaknesses (the word is sin Carl) that I tend to languish in.  Oh, I know it is wrong, but sin can be so deceptive.  Recently I was considering Hebrews 4, and realized my fears and worry were unfounded due to the great love Jesus expressed in dying for us.

My fear was put down due to a fresh faith in the Messiah.  (BTW, fear and faith cannot exist at the same time! If you are afraid, you have relinquished faith in some way.)

My worry was put down, since He has provided a rest in Him to experience.  Worry has to do with the future, and the Rest has to do with the present.

Be in the present.  He will meet you there.

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