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Book Look – House Churches – Introduction

Houses that Change the World

I recently picked up a book called “Houses that Change the World” by Wolfgang Simson, and find it to be challenging.

I am not going to review the book so much as pull statements and concepts out to discuss with the reader.

As many who read this blog know, I struggle with the current modern gathering of believers.

I confess I am looking for less structure, less church office authority, but greater real life believer influence. Less uniformity to the preferences of men and women within church positions, but greater unity to the intent of the New Testament message.

Is this possible? It is my hope.

If any who are reading this and have found what I am describing, please let me know. If any are hungry for church life that “connects”, that is living and breathing, reach out.

Others may be able to help you.

Comment as you see fit. I always love hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “Book Look – House Churches – Introduction

  1. In China Christians gather in secret. Each time the place is different, they fear the authorities will bust in and arrest them.
    If you want some insight about what was and is happening in China I recommend you read some of the books that Watchman Nee(available on Amazon). He spent most of his Christian life in prison.


  2. When I look back at when the church was purest, I see it was during times of great persecution. Look at the early church. They were basically a underground church. It was impossible for them to have a big public building due to persecution. The Waldenses met in the caves and mountains. Through the dark ages, many faithful Bible believing Christians would secretly meet in homes. Why is it that the church was purest at these times?

    Only those that really wanted a relationship with Christ and believed the Bible were going to put themselves at risk. We see two churches during the dark ages. Those that joined Roman Catholicism which mixed pagan worship in and corrupted the truth. And then you had those that were willing to die for the truth of the Bible.

    What would happen if this same scenario was to rise again. How many would be willing to stand as Christians to death for the truth? How many would turn to a popular religion that fits the doctrine of men and women?

    In this day and age church is popular and acceptable. Many go because its the thing to do or they were raised to go. But would we still find a way to meet and worship if it stopped being popular?

    These are some thoughts that come to my mind as I reflect on church history.

    God bless


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