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Conditional Security – Ephesians 3:17

so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith–that you, being rooted and grounded in love, – Ephesians 3:17

May may may. I had an engineering professor once teach the class that “may” will become a critical word as we enter into report writing in our careers. He was so right!

When I say “may” what do you understand?

A dictionary on the web, for the word may, “may” help. (Underlining added)


auxiliary verb, present singular 1st person may, 2nd may or (Archaic) may·est or mayst, 3rd may; present plural may; past might.

  • (used to express possibility): It may rain.
  • (used to express opportunity or permission): You may enter.
  • (used to express contingency, especially in clauses indicating condition, concession, purpose, result, etc.): I may be wrong but I think you would be wise to go. Times may change but human nature stays the same.
  • (used to express wish or prayer): May you live to an old age.

I find it interesting that the apostle, as he speaks to the church of Christ in Ephesus, that he speaks of the indwelling of Christ being possible, an opportunity presented, if we understand the term “may” correctly, In other words, does Paul intend to inform the believers something I am not reading? Is Pauls message to the believers in Ephesus to be understood as follows?

… that Christ actually and without debate dwells in your hearts through faith–that you, being rooted and grounded in love, are saved due to one decision in the past- Ephesians 3:17

A short post for your consideration. God is good, and His love for us is steadfast, eternal and deep. We have much to be thankful for and His love properly understood should motivate us to delve deeper into a relationship with the lover of our souls.

Be blessed today and remember His goodness, faithfulness and deep love He has expressed at Calvary for us. He is good!

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