Let Me Tell You a Story – Forty Years


Today, forty years ago, I found myself in a very small room, off the sanctuary of the church I had begun attending, waiting and watching for the notice.

Eventually, I heard the good news and began to breathe easier. Her brother had finally arrived, and we could get started!

You see, eight months earlier I had met a young lady that would become my wife. This lady, was the most beautiful person I had ever met, had captivated me from the very first moment I met her, and introduced me to the One who died for my life.

Since then, I have come to recognize a lady who is not only the “pertiest girl” at the dance, but has a depth of spirit that has been a rock for me, an encouraging soul that has never given up on an ol’ fool, even when I was a young “ol’ fool”

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart – You truly are my favorite! I just wanna hold your hand as we venture through this life and onto the next!

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