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Discussions with an Atheist – Part 19


A long time ago, I was browsing my Facebook page when I came across a post that ridiculed Kirk Cameron’s efforts to sell an “Atheist” Bible.
A friend (who it turns out to be an atheist) seemed to think that Kirk was “uninformed”
Well I thought, lets discuss this issue, and what follows is a record of our discussion.
I really looked forward to his responses and enjoyed considering and responding to his concerns.
Some of my friends comments are a bit lengthy, and as I read them I found echoes of myself, seeking to defend a position simply by supplying a massive quantity of words, knowing inside that he quality of the argument was weak.
If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus, you may find encouragement, and some understanding of an atheist’s worldview.
If you are an atheist, I would encourage you to read and consider my responses.  I seek to understand your position, and if you see a fallacy in my thinking, please comment.  I only ask that you focus your position to one point at a time, in order that I may respond (if I can) without unnecessary confusion.
My comments and responses are in red.

” to think a being created this one earth in the billions of other galaxies and made everything for the purpose of a couple billion Christians or 6.8 (and rising) humans is again arrogant …but to say something is not disproven does not make it any more valid than a faith based claim.”

“Arrogance” if proven untrue. You seem to assume your position is not “a faith based claim”. It is!

“Religion (sic) noun. Belief that is not proven that there is an imaginary being that created everything from nothing and only speaks to “special” people.”

Is this an actual definition or did you make this up? BTW, I am not defending religion. Get that out of your head! Institutional religion, in it’s varied forms, has committed more atrocities than any other institution I can think of! Jesus did not create a religion. As a matter of fact, His death doomed the very religion of the Jews.

”and lets face it stats are a great indicator whether something is possible or not,”

Whether something is possible is not a good indicator if something is true. Many things are “impossible”, and yet happen. Try to focus friend! You seem to ramble and use a “shotgun” approach. It is difficult to follow your train of thought sometimes.

Many of the issues you bring up are repeats of previous comments. It seems you are struggling, not with information/data/knowledge, but with your will. You WILL NOT allow anything to disturb your world. You understand that if there is a God, (and His name is Jesus) He has a claim on your life and this is unacceptable to you. But if there is a God, He will not go away!

As a matter of fact, He may just die for you! If that is true…

With this last discussion, we dropped communicating.

I can’t remember exactly why, but I hope my friend considers who the Lord is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  Hey thanks for dropping by and reading my post, especially if you are an atheist friend.  I hope to hear from you and would appreciate a comment to begin a discussion.

Have a great day.

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Thanks again for coming to visit. I hope you found something of interest in this post and would appreciate a comment, to begin a discussion.

7 thoughts on “Discussions with an Atheist – Part 19

  1. “Jesus did not create a religion. As a matter of fact, His death doomed the very religion of the Jews.”

    religion: “a personal set or institutionalized system of religious (relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity) attitudes, beliefs, and practices” merriam-websiter

    Jesus created nothing, there is no evidence for the man/god you worship. And funny how the Jews are still around and aren’t doomed at all.

    However, this is quite accurate “Belief that is not proven that there is an imaginary being that created everything from nothing and only speaks to “special” people.”” Most, if not all, religions claim this to be true about their religion, except for the “imaginary” part. Theists of course think that all god except their own are “imaginary”.

    Do show that your god exists, much less has a claim on my life. So where are these rewards you promise? Christians, of any version, are no better off than anyone else. All you have is a baseless claim about heaven and hell to try to pretend you are better off.


    1. I am not sure how to respond to some of your comments other than I agree with you that Christian’s are no better off than anyone else, except for one thing.
      Christ arose, and His resurrection is the hope of all believers. (It’s kind of a big thing for us!)

      Hope you have a fine day.


      1. I was a Christian. I’ve read the bible and seen the promises from this god that people will be taken care of like the birds and flowers, that their prayers will be answered quickly and with what is asked for, no excuses. James 5 has that Christians can heal people of sickness and injury. Funny how none of you can.

        here are some things you can answer:

        “Do show that your god exists, much less has a claim on my life. So where are these rewards you promise?”

        You made a false claim about JC not creating a religion. Do you recall what the bible has about people who make false claims?


        1. Tell you what I’m gonna do. I will ask you for 100 yrs to supply the answers you request.
          At that time, if I’m wrong, I will readily admit my foolishness.
          I hope you enjoy your day and find something to be thankful for.


          1. Thanks for you showing that you have no answers. So, in a hundred years, we’ll both be dead, and you’ll have wasted your life in waiting for your god to return. During that hundred years, there will still be no Christians who can do what the bible promises, and Christianity will split and split again, making up more excuses why their god has not come back. The return will be claimed to be a metaphor and not “really” meaning this god will return physically to kill off all non-christians and allow JC to reign. That’s already happened with the Jehovah’s Witnesses with their invisible JC coming back.

            I’m always thankful to other humans whose work has made a decent world to live in, the doctors I work with, the folks who ensure we have clean water, etc. No gods needed.


  2. Internet dialogs are difficult at best when there are significant differences of opinion. So easy to misunderstand and misconstrue text. I give you credit for trying!

    I think we constantly have to upgrade our dialog to include the realities around us such as (1) science (2) history w/ corrections (3) current events.

    Jesus is the fullest revelation of the Godhead to be sure but there is an infinite matters of expression that can be applied as we journey in time and develop in knowing the natural world and gain new spiritual insights by the living a common life. IMHO.


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