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Discussions with an Atheist – Part 5


A long time ago, I was browsing my Facebook page when I came across a post that ridiculed Kirk Cameron’s efforts to sell an “Atheist” Bible.
A friend (who it turns out to be an atheist) seemed to think that Kirk was “uninformed”
Well I thought, lets discuss this issue, and what follows is a record of our discussion.
I really looked forward to his responses and enjoyed considering and responding to his concerns.
Some of my friends comments are a bit lengthy, and as I read them I found echoes of myself, seeking to defend a position simply by supplying a massive quantity of words, knowing inside that he quality of the argument was weak.
If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus, you may find encouragement, and some understanding of an atheist’s worldview.
If you are an atheist, I would encourage you to read and consider my responses.  I seek to understand your position, and if you see a fallacy in my thinking, please comment.  I only ask that you focus your position to one point at a time, in order that I may respond (if I can) without unnecessary confusion.
My comments and responses are in red.

I am back from the trip – It was fun, but I am burnt!
As for your last comments, I have responded to them individually, for your viewing pleasure (haha)
The bible was written an estimated 30-60 years after the death of Jesus
…The earliest NT writings are probably the books of James (43-58 AD), Galations (49-52 AD) and 1 & 2 Thessalonians (50 – 54 AD). The latest NT writing could possibly be the book of Revelation (96 AD) (which is apocalyptic in genre, not historically based on Jesus earthly life)
I personally believe the book was written prior to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, but that is not allowing for a worst case scenario for your argument!)
So with these dates, your initial statement is invalid!
The NT was written an estimated 16 – 69 yrs after the death and resurrection of Jesus (27 AD)

Hey thanks for dropping by and reading my post, especially if you are an atheist friend.  I hope to hear from you and would appreciate a comment to begin a discussion.

Have a great day.

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Thanks again for coming to visit. I hope you found something of interest in this post and would appreciate a comment, to begin a discussion.

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