Let Me Tell You a Story – Efforts and Effects


How often have you heard of the importance of balance in life? We all need balance. Equality. Fairness.

Another thought that is commonly referred to in our day to day lives is the Newtonian principal of “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

In other words, ya git what you deserve. Really? We are to apply a law on physics to our moral universe?

Not to sure of that logic.

So….. Let me tell you a story. 

A few nights back, I was reading a book on the couch (my favorite couch!) and got a text from one of my kiddos. My grandchild sent me a little video, saying “Hello gampa, I wov you!” Now this little one is not even two years old, and he was merely repeating what someone told him to say, but ol’ blubberpuss Carl – well he well nigh just about fell apart. The little video hit me right in the tear ducts and I watched it over and over again. And I thought about it, (after I wiped myself up and blew my nose). Yes I thought about it, considered it, analyzed it and came to a conclusion.

An action does not produce an equal and opposite reaction!

This little one merely repeated some noise, made vibrations from the throat and mouth, and went off to play. Probably went to play with a toy or to cause some havoc somewhere. A minor effort on the youngin’s part, a soon forgotten happening.

As for me, it will be one of many times my grandchildren have touched my heart, and made me a bit more of a softy.

It all started with my little ones, and watching each of them growing, connecting with each of them, at different times and in different ways. The memories are priceless. And my chillun didn’t understand their effect on their parents until they joined the club. The parenting club.

Now, I can see it in their eyes, when my chillun are around their chillun. The give and take is NOT equal. A little smile, nod of the head, a first step and the parent goes wild with pride, swells up with love and would give anything, do anything for the sake of the child.

No it is NOT equal.

The child’s efforts are many times small and seemingly insignificant. The receiving of a negligible act on the part of the child, causes emotional meltdowns for the parent, a recommitment of the parent to the child’s good, a sacrificial attitude that no one saw coming prior to the little ones arrival.

No it is NOT equal.

That love, that commitment, that connection never leaves a parents heart. At times, that love can crush a parent’s heart, the sorrow of seeing a child suffer. It can be excruciating.

But the effect is the same. A yearning for the best for the child, a desperate desire to guide the child into right living.

But then it hit me.

I am looking at this so horizontally.

Yes the impact of a minor effort on the child’s part can have major impact on the parent. No denying it! But isn’t that a reflection, a minor picture of the Lord’s fatherhood to usward? When we reach out to Him, is it not as a child, reaching out to their Father. Is not this truth much of the message Jesus would seek us to think on every time he calls the God of the Universe, the Holy One of Israel, the Almighty One, every time He calls Him Father?

Our relationship with God is based on familial standards. Family! Not a business. The family of God is not to be considered an LLC, or a Sole Proprietorship, with God as the CEO. That is not the picture the New Testament paints for us.

Consider the impact of your simple desire to please Him, how that must effect Him. Does your child’s obedience and affection for you not make your life rich beyond description? To think that our insignificant, bumbling efforts could impact the Living God is mind numbing. The fact that He would sacrifice His own Son in order to bring us into His Family is beyond the pale.

We were his enemies. His love brought us into His Family, and our connection with Him not only greatly benefits us, but also effects Him. This is a wonder I spend much too little time on. My efforts to please Him are insignificant, but the fact that I am His child, makes all the difference.

Truly – Effort does not equal Effect!

Thanks again for coming to visit. I hope you found something of interest in this post and would appreciate a comment, to begin a discussion.

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