Let Me Tell You a Story – Banns


Just got home from church and the message was on Deuteronomy 5:18, the seventh command in the Decalogue. It goes like this

“Don’t commit adultery”

It was a great message, speaking of the fact that marriage is a covenant, a binding oath of faithfulness that is defined by God and represents the ultimate wedding marriage of the Son with His Bride, the church.

His teaching was refreshing in the midst of a culture that wants to redefine the concept of marriage, or reject the practice of commitment. As I was listening to the message, I thought back over 40 years ago, when my future bride and I were considering our own vows, and the best way to approach the wedding that would honor God. One of the options my sweetie and I opted for was the practice of announcing “our banns”.

Banns is a method of publicizing a wedding within a church’s regular service, verbally speaking of the intention of marriage for the couple. Our particular church, a fellowship baptist church in Bracebridge Ontario, offered this opportunity for us and we felt it was honoring to the Lord and the people of God we fellowshipped with. After all, they knew us better than most and we trusted their opinions.

Catholic Culture: Banns of Marriage

Of course no one brought forward any reason why this marriage should not happen, (whew) and we recently celebrated our 40th year together.

Why do I bring this up?

My wife and I took vows in front of God, and not in front of the state. I understand that for the great majority of folks who may not have had the opportunity to wed in the similar manner, this may sound pious and self righteous. This is not my intent. This manner of marriage emphasized in my future bride and my thoughts the authority of God without the State being an active player. We wanted to focus on His authority in our lives only and our commitment to each other. We were promising our selves to each other, and not simply satisfying a governmental legality to conform to societies norms.

He is good and we are simply thankful for His many mercies as we have stumbled through this pilgrimage. He provided me a wonderful wife, that I boast on both at work and in church.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. – Pro 18:22

He is kind. I have obtained favor from the LORD and she is my bestest friend! What a great life!

Thanks again for coming to visit. I hope you found something of interest in this post and would appreciate a comment, to begin a discussion.

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