Let Me Tell You a Story – The Chosen


I have a friend who is battling cancer and occasionally I will text him, letting him know we are praying for him and his family. He has been battling this death for over a year and his spirit has been exemplary, to the point that I enjoy hearing from him, and the encouragement he gives.

In one of our back and forth texting, he asked me if I had been watching “The Chosen” I had told him that I hadn’t heard of it and he encouraged me to check it out. He stated that the show emphasizes the humanity of the disciples and of the Lord Himself.

I find it extremely refreshing and somewhat challenging.

Just last might we watched the episode of Him healing a man with a withered hand, and the following confrontation with the synagogue leaders over the healing and of His claiming to be “Lord of the Sabbath”. The tension of these moments and the strife amongst the disciples seems much more relatable to me.

Another episode had the Messiah heal a leper on a path, and in response to the healed lepers astonishment, Jesus rhetorically answered. “Not to shabby!”

One more episode, and Jesus told His disciples “Get used to different”. He didn’t come to refurbish religion, but to provide life and that more abundantly.

Please do not go into this series hoping for King James English, and a simple recitation of the gospels as they were written word for word. The creators openly admit artistic license. So be it. Read the Bible for accuracy and study, and watch “The Chosen” for an interpretation of the lives of the One and His disciples. They were men with passions like as we, and had failings, weakness, prejudice and religion in their lives. This depiction of the Lord reveals One who loves people, has time for others, and suffers silently.

I have finished the second season, and anxiously (in a good sense!) waiting for the third to come out. I understand the producers are anticipating 7 seasons!

It is a crowd funded production and I am happy to support this effort to bring great light into the deep darkness that we are in.

It is available as an app for both iPhone and Android, and of course you can view on your laptop or tablet.

If you have seen any of “The Chosen”, take the survey below and / or let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks again for coming to visit. I hope you found something of interest in this post and would appreciate a comment, to begin a discussion.

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