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Calvin’s Concerns – A Slaves Freedom

It has been a few weeks since my last post on Calvinism and I have noticed that posts questioning Calvinism are responded to more than any other topic I have addressed lately.


Why is this such an emotionally charged topic? There seems to be a visceral reaction to this topic, as if the very questioning of Calvinism is so heretical that all the guns have to come out! How sad that calm discussion, with each of us considering the others argument, is so rare. Good pertinent arguments that are directly related to the specific topic at hand are of so much more value.

Job 6:25

How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove?

But alas, an issue that seems to be prevalent in these discussions is the erecting of “straw men”, in order to fight against the “real enemy”. You know how it works. You believe the sky is blue. I am against that statement and argue it by stating the water isn’t the same blue. And the statement is correct – the water isn’t the same blue. But the original proposition was not addressed – just some “straw man” that was soundly refuted!

This video that is provided is a good example of erecting a “straw man” argument. It is a 4 minute video that is worth watching, whether you are a Calvinist or not.

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