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Calvin’s Concerns – God is Certainly Better than a Levite!

A few weeks back, I published the first of a series of posts offering 60 second video discussions on alternatives to the popular Calvinistic teaching in our churches these days.

The videos were provided by Dr. Leighton Flowers, and addressed a number of topics that related to Calvinism and it’s resultant effects on the believer.

Since then I have had a number of discussions in the comment sections, and it has made me reconsider a general teaching of Calvinism.

You see, I was reminded recently of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and how both the priest and the Levite passed by the man who had been beaten by robbers.

As Jesus was describing this story, it seems evident that the beaten man was a kinsman, a fellow Israelite. Jesus only called out the Samaritan as the “foreigner”, and this only accentuates the tension of the story.

Fellow, religious Israelites “looked on him, and passed by on the other side” They saw the beaten man but ignored him.

The dirty Samaritan did not simply look on him, but you know the story – He bound up his wounds, poured oil and wine on them, took him to an inn, paid for his care, and promised to return with further payment.

Now we all know the story, and how this is a challenge to believers to consider even “enemies:” as neighbors to be loved, even as thyself. (Note that Jesus stated self love as a fact, and not a goal!) This is a tantamount challenge, if you are honest with yourself, and yet Jesus lived this way, loving His enemies to the point of death, even death on the cross.


If I understand Calvinism, and the teaching of reprobation, it appears God is worse than the priest and the Levite. At least the priest and the Levite simply ignored the beaten man. According to standard Calvinistic teaching, based on my understanding, all the poor souls that are not elect are denied any help from God in regeneration, resulting in the damnation of their souls. This denial of help, of delivering the “beaten man” was decided in eternity past, when God decided who would be chosen for salvation, and who would be damned to eternal destruction, (to the praise of His glory?).

Yes, the teaching of Calvinism makes out the character of God to be worse than the priest and the Levite. Something about this just doesn’t make sense!

Of course, if the God described by Calvinism is true, I can feel pretty good about myself. You see, I am only as bad as the Levite in many ways. I certainly do not wish or plan for the destruction of any person. Kinda proud of my righteousness, (as I try to convince myself of this horrendous teaching!)

This isn’t the God I serve. He is full of mercy, and loving to a fault, spreading His grace to all who would listen and follow. He is good in the truest sense of the word, and in Him there is no darkness.

Be thankful for our Creator Savior God. He has supplied the wine and oil of healing for those of us who are beaten and abandoned. He is good.

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