Song Squawk – A Humble Man Rises

In the mid nineties, I had a little red Buick and a big ol’ bass box in the trunk, and would listen to “Christian Rock”, cranked to 11.

(What did you say?  Huh?  Can  you say that again, I didn’t hear you….)

I have gotten away from that genre for many reasons, the least of which may be a loss of hearing, but some songs have stuck with me over the decades.

The artist’s I listened to sought to reflect Scriptural teaching for the most part. They ranged from “preaching” pop culture religion to significant theological teaching. As I listened to the lyrics, I found some to be quite challenging.

To be honest, I listened because I could justify the rock beat with “sanctified lyrics”.

Occassionaly I will post a song, supply the lyrics and make a comment or two. If you decide to listen to the tune, turn the speaker down unless you are already deaf. Some of the songs tend to have a certain “volume” about them!

This post will consider the song

A Humble Man Rises

I am including the majority of the lyrics for this song (there is an extended bridge) and hope you will enjoy this offering. It has a great message. Humility

[Chorus 1]
The humble man rises to a new low
A humble man rises to a new low
The humble man rises
Full of surprises
And cuts a dashing figure on the rocks below

[Verse 1]
I’m gonna love you in spite of yourself
I’m gonna love you in spite of myself
Can you love me too
Just like I love you
All in spite of ourselves?

[Verse 2]
A tough guy, immune to the elements
Mad jackals running with the elephants
Hating God and man just for the hell of it
I’m a pervert with the dreams of a celibate

[Verse 3]
Time just mutilates me more, yeah
Time just mutilates me more, yeah
Helps me shed my skin
But the shape I’m in is
Better than it’s ever been before

[Chorus 2]
The humble man rises to a new low
The humble man rises to a new low
Nothing is ending
It’s all beginning
When he cuts a dashing figure on the rocks below

[Verse 4]
Score another crushing defeat
It’s just another crushing defeat
Sweeping you off your feet
You’re stronger and you’re strongest when your knees are weak

These guys had a great sound and a great sense of humor about them. Always an interesting listen!

Let me know what you think of the lyrics, and of the tunes!

Thanks again for coming to visit. I hope you found something of interest in this post and would appreciate a comment, to begin a discussion. If you know someone this blog may bless (or challenge), send them a link, so they may join us in our discussion

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