One Thousand


When I began this blog I sought to produce a few posts in order to begin discussions with folks that may have differing opinions. I had no clear understanding of where this blog may take me, or if it would simply be another effort that may fizzle. ( I had one blog earlier that “fizzled!”)

Since then, based on the encouragement provided by many of my readers, I have continued to try to sort out my thoughts in a somewhat (hopefully) coherent manner.

At hitting this milestone of 1,000 posts, I would like to thank all who have read and commented, especially those who have challenged me in my thinking, or entered into discussions with me, bringing their findings to the discussion.

Thank you again for your interest, and your continued encouragement.


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3 thoughts on “One Thousand

  1. Hello Carl, I think you said that was your name; I read your posts everyday. I appreciate all your hard work. Your posts always appear at 2am, like clockwork, you can guarantee that your postings will be there. You are such a great example to me. I want to be like you in that way!! Is there a way I can work on my post throughout the day and publish it at a different time? Like the same time, like clockwork to assure myself it will be posting? As a friend, and a loyal reader of yours, I want to say that I appreciate your work so much. That is great you reached 1000 posts!! Congratulations✝️🤍🙌🙌💖🤗🎉!! I know I have obligations to God that involve me in creating works that will help lost souls find Christ. Please pray for me as I daily try harder to accomplish my goals and tasks for God.I know that no matter how hard we all try to work and even if we don’t get a whole lot of recognition from normal ppl, all that matters is God’s approval. We are children of God and we work for God, he will never let anything be in “vain” God Bless you dear brother


    1. Lisa. Yes my name is Carl and I am humbled by your comment.
      Thank you for the encouragement, and your desire to be consistent with posting

      In order to have posts published daily, I try to stay 2 to 3 weeks ahead in my studies/writing, and use the publish date to stay consistent. I also keep a paper calendar to have a record of days that have postage assigned to them.

      Will pray for you to find a method to publish consistently and that the Lord would be honored in your writing.

      Thanks again for reading, and your interaction with my blog. Blessings ro you.

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      1. You’re welcome & Thank you for the useful tips and replying back to my comment. I will definitely work on being more efficient. Problem is I want my information to be different than other people. Everything I want to post, I believe it’s already been posted. I want to help people learn, but I want my own ideas based on God’s truth. I will pray and figure it out eventually 🙏Blessings to you as well


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