We just broke 400 followers.

Thank you all for spending a few moments with Considering the Bible, and following the blog. It is very humbling that there are some who consider the blog worth reading and discussing with others.

On that note, if you know someone that may gain some profit from receiving the blogs posts via email or some other method, please forward the blog link to your friend

I have been blessed as I sit to write, asking for the words and thoughts to communicate to those who read this blog. I especially enjoy receiving comments back, and challenges to the message, for my thoughts surely need sharpening.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. – Pro 27:17 ESV

Let me know – your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again – Carl

If’n you aren’t following yet, it ain’t hard. Just click on the link below. And welcome to the discussion!

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