Redemption – A Story – Introduction

The Bible speaks of redemption in many ways.

It must be over three decades since I tripped, in the providence of God, over the multiple concepts God directed His apostles to describe the accomplishment of the Lord in His work on the cross. This reminder of redemtion was a blessing to my heart.

This short study, I hope, will open up our understanding of how the apostles saw our condition in our lost state, and the many facets of deliverance we have been given.

But first, we must refer to the source information, since my telling you of my thoughts without a basis in the Word, is only a fallen man’s wanderings down his dusty imagination. Hopefully, my friend, you will consider that to be of little use.

The following table supplies the greek words the apostles used to describe the Lord’s accomplishments. As you can see under the transliteration column, four basic words are used by the apostles, and we will consider each

The four basic words are

  • Agorazo
  • Exagorazo
  • Lytroo
  • Peripoiesis

Each of these words will be addressed in the following posts, along with a story of Amicus, a slave in the first century, with no hope of a future. We will follow Amicus through his experience of redemption and see in his life, the life we have experienced.

I hope you can join me in this study, and maybe, just maybe see the goodness of God.

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