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1 John – Testing to Know – Introduction


Heard a preacher once say that God tests in order for us to know, whereas we humans teach (supply knowledge) in order to be tested.

Which one of us is backwards???

Tests are supplied for the believer in order to know his status before God. I have come out of a denomination that taught 1 John as describing tests for the purpose of assurance of fellowship. John, I was taught, gave these tests in order for believers to know they were pleasing to God, in fellowship with Him.

It makes a lot of sense.

There are some who would refer to the tests John provides as tests of true or false Christianity. The tests define true Christianity, not whether you are a good or “bad” Christian.

A totally different ballgame here folks.

But what of it?

Is this it a manipulation of the texts in order to enslave believers into a legalism?

Wow Carl – settle down!
Keep a open mind and allow the Word to tell you without jumping to conclusions!

Join me as we go through testings in order to know, in the book of 1 John.

I trust that these tests will challenge you as they have I!

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6 thoughts on “1 John – Testing to Know – Introduction

  1. For the hypocrite, “legalistic testing” is an outward way to let his wretched pride prove him higher and more worthy than “those wretched sinners”. For the rebel still in a season of loving the taste of his sin, a claim of “legalistic testing” will justify in his own mind his ignoring conviction and refusing repentance to pridefully head off in his own direction. But to a humble man, deep testing of his words actions, thoughts, and motives — will reveal once again his missing the mark and his reliance upon Christ alone. Testing, dearly beloved, is not there for us to only fo at a surface level so that we might claim an A+ for our own glory — but is meant to be done so deeply that we must come boldly into the throne room not upon our own merit but because of our deep need for the grace only He can give.


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