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Daniel 9:24-27 – Introduction

Daniel 9 is a linchpin of prophetic teaching.

As I have studied this topic over the years, a teaching has garnered favor among believers. I followed that teaching faithfully for most of my pilgrimage.

I would like to offer an alternative viewpoint for a fellow believer to consider.

When I first encountered this viewpoint, I struggled with it. I refused it, then ignored it, then argued with it. But I also believe as Christians, we need to wrestle with the Word.

Sure, we may come away limping, like ol’ Isaac, but as always, encountering the Word produces fruit.

Enough – my next post will venture into “forbidden” territory!!!

Thanks for “Considering the Bible” with me. I hope these posts will challenge you to consider viewpoints that were hidden from me for decades in my Christian journey.

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2 thoughts on “Daniel 9:24-27 – Introduction

  1. Looking forward to this series. I’ve spent quite some time in the books of Daniel and Revelation myself. I have found the historical method of Bible interpretation to be the most reliable, but I am very interested to see what you have found. God bless brother


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