Thanks eh?


When I started “Considering the Bible” last November, it was primarily for my own benefit.  I enjoy putting my thoughts together and working to improve my skill in communicating my beliefs in an orderly and irenic way.

Since beginning, I have received comments and “likes”, and some of y’all have even decided to follow me.

As a matter of fact, I just broke 100 followers.

I am humbled by this and would like to express my appreciation for your interaction with this blog.

As always, I enjoy your comments and would like to maintain an open and honest discussion with all.

Will we agree on everything?  Most likely not.

Will we understand each others thoughts and beliefs?

Hopefully, and because of that, we all become somewhat richer in the faith.

Thanks again – Carl

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8 thoughts on “Thanks eh?

  1. I find great similarity as to our approach to the blogging world. I too greatly appreciate every like and comment, but truly I am still in this primarily for me. Having the discipline to blog regularly helps me to consider the events in my very ordinary life through an eternal lens. Seeking God’s guidance through prayer and reading His word helps me to get more grounded in Him.
    Here’s to your next 100 followers!
    Pastor Chuck


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