Prayer Post – Sean

Our youngest daughter met a fella a while back. Quite a while back, and they became an item. A couple with a future, a commitment to one another. He is a mighty fine fella, a hard working man that treats my little girl with care and love. We are so happy for their care for one another.

Recently he was informed that his cancer had returned. This time the cancer has become quite aggressive and he is beginning his fourth battle against this enemy in as little as 2 years. He is currently in MD Anderson in Houston Texas, undergoing an eight week chemotherapy and stem cell replacement regimen that when described to me, shocked my senses.

His is a dire plight, much worse than I had understood earlier, and though the intent of this blog is to “Consider the Bible”, I would ask of you to consider Sean.

If the Lord calls you to prayer for Sean, consider his battle ahead. Not only will he have to endure physical pain, but emotional and spiritual battles that some of my readers may also have faced. Some may not. But all can pray for him.

His family also have many fears to face, and need strength to support Sean in this time of need.

Finally, my little girl Sarah is in need of your prayers, for she is also entering a very difficult time, and desires to support and help in the struggle. She needs strength and wisdom to care for Sean, a compassion that is only found in the Lord.

If you could present Sean’s life before the Lord in your prayers, we would count it a great blessing.

Thankyou for reading. Thankyou for praying.

14 thoughts on “Prayer Post – Sean

  1. I am praying your families…and I will continue to bring both, Sean’s and your daughter’s name before The Lord.
    The Lord has blessed each of us with a blog community, that also serves as a community of prayer warriors. Blessings!!💕


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