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Philippian Bits – 1:28

For this series in Philippians, I am going to limit each post to one verse, and hopefully produce a short, succinct read for my friends who follow.

1:28   and not frightened in anything by your opponents. This is a clear sign to them of their destruction, but of your salvation, and that from God.

Courage pops up again in this chapter. Courage and joy seem to be linked in Paul’s mind, and experientially, as I have found courage in Christ, I will readily admit, the sense of joy in my life becomes more evident.

Living in fear is a deadly trap, and is not to be the normal life of the believer. Many may have succumbed to the fear mongering that is of late within the media, and I am convinced will continue. My friends, as Paul noted above, do not be frightened in anything by our opponents.

Rethink the reason for their use of fear in your life, for as Paul notes, as we live our lives courageously, this one response will signal an eventual doom to the opponent.

This perspective is not something that will be provided to you through the message of the world, but through a knowledge of the One who has provided hope and joy to the believer.

Immerse yourself in the message of Christ, for His message is liberating, and will provide truth to live and die by.

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