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Philippian Bits – 1:26

For this series in Philippians, I am going to limit each post to one verse, and hopefully produce a short, succinct read for my friends who follow.

1:26   so that in me you may have ample cause to glory in Christ Jesus, because of my coming to you again.

Amazing. Believers may find cause to glory in Christ Jesus through a simple man who is seeking God’s will. And Paul is not shy in stating that his continuing with them in service to them may provide “ample” cause to glory in Christ Jesus.

Ample! Abundant, overfilling, exuberant, plentiful.

If it wasn’t the apostle Paul, I would think this man to be overly arrogant, yet his trust in the Lord, and his desire to serve the brethren yells out humility and meekness. A man that was putty in the hands of the Master and who struggled to know the will of God, eventually realizing to serve the church, his brethren in Christ, was the proper path he was to seek. This man would bring opportunity to the church to glory in Christ.

Out of that decision, or realization, Paul saw multiple fruits, not only of his own joy, and that of the churches continuing joy, but of their potential growth, and an opportunity to glory in Christ through the apostle.

Are there any additional fruits that Paul’s speaks of in this wonderful book? I will leave that for your comments.

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