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Psalms for Psome – Ps 40 – D

Don’t you love it when, after years of reading the “Old Book” passages become alive, reinforcing old teachings or simply warming your heart. This is the book of Psalms, and it is rich.

I pray I can communicate a portion of the blessing we receive from this wonderful book.

Psalm 40

9 I have told the glad news of deliverance in the great congregation; behold, I have not restrained my lips, as you know, O LORD.
10 I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart; I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation; I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness from the great congregation.

In our previous post we found it spoke directly of David’s prophetic ability to delve into the text beyond the surface reading of Old Testament commands. But more importantly, Psalm 40:6-8 speaks of the life purpose of the Messiah, that is the Messiah’s desire, ‘to do thy will”.

The passage also speaks of the desire of God in both the arenas of sacrifice and of obedience, of how the sacrifices were never the end goal, but the complete obedience of the Lord Jesus to the Father’s will as being the great story, the end goal, the purpose of it all.

Our passage before us speaks of the telling, preaching, sharing, and declaring of the message to the great congregation, to those who need to hear of the Messiah and of His heart for God.

David spoke freely to the congregation, to those who assembled together. He did not hide the message within his heart, but freely spoke the good news of the God of creation. David has spoken of hiding the word in his heart in another Psalm, in order to not sin against God, but in this Psalm he is not restrained in voicing the glad news.

Although the Psalm speaks of David proclaiming the God of all creation to the congregation, the passage should be recognized as describing the Lord Jesus (and His followers) as the preachers of the salvation provided.

If we consider the congregation David shared with as His own nation, or possibly to the faithful within his own nation (the remnant of faithful), we should not understand that as applicable to the times of the Lord. His congregation was those He came across, the adulterous Samaritan woman, the legalistic Pharisee, the blind beggar at the well, and a dead man in a cave. He was not restricted as David may have been in preaching or sharing of the great salvation He was to provide, in the good news of the kingdom of God arriving. His congregation was all of creation, and as a believer, I need to be reminded that He is the Lord of all, that all of creation is His congregation, His assembly.

To the Ones who know Him currently, He is to be declared. To the ones who have yet to understand, He is to be declared. To the ones who have never heard of Him, He is to be declared. To those who despitefully hate Him, He is to be declared.

Each declaration of the Lord Jesus is to be from the heart, as the psalmist describes that he had not concealed or hidden His deliverance within his heart. It is to be a life message, based on the Living Word having passed through our lives and into our neighbor. Each person we meet, we must have wisdom to know the best manner of sharing His deliverance, the love to open ourselves up to unwanted responses, and the courage and boldness to share the truth and react in love.

Earlier I spoke of the Living Word passing though our lives and into others. Without experiencing an ongoing active relationship with the God of our salvation through the Word of God and prayer, the message of God’s love may simply become cold, lifeless, factual, exact, documental, even story like.

This is a great challenge to myself as I need to be awakened to the great news of His deliverance, of my heart being opened to the Living truth, of a refreshing, a revival of glimpsing His great love, not only for myself, but for the entire congregation.

No matter how passionate you feel you are in preaching the good news to His congregation, there is currently no restriction for the believer to grow in this privilege. There is always a greater depth to plunge in the knowledge of God, and out of that experiential relationship, a greater desire to share will be the natural outcome. The desire will naturally pour out of our lives, our speech and to the ones we meet. Each of the verses we have looked at above speak of David telling good news, not restraining his lips, not hiding God’s deliverance, speaking of God’s faithfulness, and finally not concealing His steadfast love.

Wherever you may judge yourself in exercising this privilege, dig into the Living Word, (please do not simply look for facts!) look to the Father for boldness, passion and wisdom, and witness a change as you share with those who are in His congregation.

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