Song Squawk – Need

In the mid nineties, I had a little red Buick and a big ol’ bass box in the trunk, and would listen to “Christian Rock”, cranked to 11.

(What did you say?  Huh?  Can  you say that again, I didn’t hear you….)

I have gotten away from that genre for many reasons, the least of which may be a loss of hearing, but some songs have stuck with me over the decades.

The artist’s I listened to sought to reflect Scriptural teaching for the most part. They ranged from “preaching” pop culture religion to significant theological teaching. As I listened to the lyrics, I found some to be quite challenging.

To be honest, I listened because I could justify the rock beat with “sanctified lyrics”.

Occasionally I will post a song, supply the lyrics and make a comment or two. If you decide to listen to the tune, turn the speaker down unless you are already deaf. Some of the songs tend to have a certain “volume” about them!

This post will consider the song

Need – Grammatrain

I wear a face that seems to be
The only eyes that see in me
Know my desperality

And i’m a man thats found his way
By having not alot to say
I wanna tell You that i need You

I know Your anything they see
An image of maturity
But if i was what i should be
Wouldn’t i be on my knees?

And i’m a man that’s found his way
By having not alot to say
I wanna tell You that i need You
And when i fall into Your hand
I see myself for what i am
It only shows me that i need You

This is the third and probably not the last, song by Grammatrain that I will post. These guys were amongst my favoritest!!!

Let me know what you think of the lyrics, and of the tunes!

Thanks again for coming to visit. I hope you found something of interest in this post and would appreciate a comment, to begin a discussion.

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