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Parable Surprises – Hidden Treasure

A hidden treasure in a field. A parable describing relative worth in a Man’s life, and the natural reaction of the Man who estimates the worth of a treasure greater than all else.

Matthew 13:44

44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

Questions to Consider

Who were the audience?

Up until this parable, the audience Jesus was teaching were the masses, the crowds. See Parable Surprises – Growing Seed.

Starting with this parable, the audience shifts to the disciples only. See Matthew 13:36. Now we have a group of folk that are allowed to “get it”. If you consider yourself to be one who “get’s it”, note that there will be a test coming up. (See Matthew 13:51)

When did the Lord give this parable?

See Parable Surprises – The Sower of the Seed

Where did the Lord teach the parable?

He left the crowd and entered “the” house. This is no geographical adjustment, other than being within four walls without the crowds being present. See Parable Surprises – The Sower of the Seed, for the geographical location if interested

Why did the Lord give this message?

This is always the hardest question for me to try to answer, since it speaks of motive, why a message was given.

I’m thinking Jesus gave this parable to only His followers to communicate their worth. They had left all, had followed the Messiah for months now, and were actively, positively and with intent seeking to understand.

Yes they missed the message much of the time, but they came and asked, showed interest, sought to figger it out.

Have you ever tried to teach an empty chair? No life, no emotion, no passion. Speaking the truth in a prosperous society is discouraging, since so many distractions and deceptions are available. When hard times come, ears open up, at least for a time, and hopefully some accept the truth. It is exciting when there is an interest in the things of God!

Although this may not be perfectly parallel with the Lord’s experience, to have some eagerly follow Him when He knew most rejected not only His message but His own Person, this must have been a tremendous encouragement to Him. They were His treasure, with all the bumps and cuts and bruises they exhibited. They were His.

What was the message for the original audience?

They, the disciples are the treasure. The disciples were a treasure to the Master. He has found them in the world, and will “sell” everything He has in order to purchase the field from it’s usurping prince.

He will purchase the entire field in order to own the few disciples that were following Him.

What is the message for us today?

Of course, this great love that He expressed for His disciples may apply to us today. Are you actively, positively and with intent seeking to understand?

Remember Carl – this Christian thing is a relationship! Show a bit of interest! He definitely has proven His interest!

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