Simple Thoughts – Colossians 1:14

Occasionally I will be dwelling on a verse or passage, ruminating on the message, (or to be honest, wandering off into some undisciplined daydreaming), and the Lord will bless me with a truth that is so obvious, so fresh and such a blessing that I just want to share it with you.

Such is the following verse.

Col 1:14

in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

I recently published a few blogs on the concept of redemption and remembered that it has manifold meanings, but primarily the concept is that of buying, or more specifically that of buying back, to redeem something or someone.

It is in Christ we have our redemption. He bought us through His bloody tortuous death on the cross. This is a wonderful truth, a truth that needs to warm our hearts daily and encourage us to stand for the Master, to love others sacrificially, and to give of ourselves as He did for us.

Such love.

To redeem, as I said earlier, is to buy back.

I got myself a friend who’s child got in a wee bit o’ trouble with the law. He had to go down to the cop shop late one night and provide bail for little Joey. He was furious, and having “redeemed” his son from a night of deserved punishment, he drove home with Joey, but the trip was ominously silent. Of course, at home the mother gushed over Joey’s return, but my friend simply sent to bed.

Weeks pass, and no communication, no contact, no concern over the son’s condition. My buddy redeemed his son. That is true.

But that is all.

Not so with our Father in heaven.

He redeemed us, even though we were enemies. When He redeemed us, He “blew it all”! The ransom was the ultimate price.

And when He began to take us home, there was no silence, no begrudging the payment, no avoidance of relationship.

This added act of love was reinforced with the above verse. He ransomed us, redeemed us with His blood, AND forgave our sins. There is nothing between us, other than our own misunderstanding of the depth of love He has for us.

Praise Him for His boundless love.

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