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Calvin’s Concerns

It’s funny how things go round in life. Over twenty years ago I providentially tripped over the teaching’s of “grace”, and found that my head had additional capacity for puffing up (see 1 Corinthians 8:1).

At the time, I was teaching a Sunday School Class for adults, studying a minimum of 10 hours for every hour in front of the class. (Can you hear the me me monster coming out?)

Nevertheless, did I mention that I was in a church that was NOT Calvinistic, that did not adhere to the teachings of grace.

It wasn’t easy!

Since moving away and not attending that church, I have had the opportunity to consider the teachings of Calvinism. I have found that I just couldn’t retain the obvious conclusions this teaching provided. I initially ignored this particular theory, and then serendipitously found Bible passages that refuted it. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that Calvinism had too many concerns and not enough foundation in the truth.

Years pass, and I venture into other areas of Bible research. Ecclesiology, a bit or Eschatology. Maybe even some hamartiology –

Say it isn’t so Carl! Yes but not for long.

Covid 19 struck America and we spent some time not attending a fellowship. Eventually I had had enough and sought out a church that was welcoming people in their buildings for face to face worship.

What a wonderful idea!

The preaching was good and the folks seemed real friendly. Eventually, it became apparent that this body of believers were of the Calvinistic stripe.

Golly, I become a Calvinist in a non Calvinist church, leave that church and abandon Calvinism, and now begin attending a fine church, with teaching that focuses on the Calvinistic thought process a bit much.

No matter. Fellowship depends on our relationship with the Son, not on our perspective regarding “mysterious” decress in eternity past.

With that said, I would like to offer an alternative consideration of soteriology (Doctrine of Salvation, or the study of Biblical Salvation).

I have found a teacher on You Tube that presents an irenic message, well thought out and, in my humble opinion, a perspective that has far greater support based on the Word of God.

Watch for the first installment in our next “Calvin’s Concerns” post.

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