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Judge Judge Judge – διάκρισις – Study 6-A

Because of the CrossThanks for returning to this series on “Judge Judge Judge” and my feeble attempt to understand a believers responsibility and right to make judgments.

Another purpose of this series hopefully is to understand the believers restriction on judgement. 

What can a Christian judge?  How is he to judge?  What is prohibited in the Christian life to judge.  So many questions and concerns. 

Our sixth greek word related to judging is…


διάκρισις – diakrisis – discerning, discern, disputation

This word is found only 3x in the New Testament.

Romans 14:1

As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.

Opinions – I got too many opinions. As I git a bit older, Im a realizin that opinions are to be offered when asked for, and not to be supplied whenever I need to breathe.

The verse above refers to the idea of opinions, but I think it is a bit more than that.

Let’s consider what Vine’s expository dictionary says to give a bit of guidance

“a distinguishing,” and so “a decision” (see A), signifies “discerning” in 1Cr 12:10Hbr 5:14, lit., “unto a discerning of good and evil” (translated “to discern”); in Rom 14:1, “not to (doubtful) disputations” is more literally rendered in the margin “not for decisions (of doubts).”

As I grow into the Lord, I realize that the major things are to be kept major, and the minor things are to be kept minor.

But even though I’ve know that spiffy saying for decades, yet I always wanted to place into the major bucket those things I was just studying, the things I just learned, or more often that not, the things I am not struggling with.

If I did not struggle with a certain behavior or thought, then I would slide it into the major bucket, thereby giving myself a pat on the back, and supplying a hammer to hit everyone else with.

One topic that fits into this conversation is the topic of drinking as a believer.  As you may know by reading this blog, I was a teenage alcoholic, but I have spent time in my walk with God beating believers up with select Bible verses condemning the act of consuming a bit of beer or whiskey, of even a sip of wine.  (What a Pharisee!)

So I took this minor disputable teaching, dropped it into my mental major bucket, felt good of my victory over it, got puffed up, offended good believers, built walls of division and wasted time on a minor concern within the Lord’s family. (What a Pharisee!!)

Ok – so what is in the major bucket Carl? Glad you asked.  I want to tell you a story.

Story Time

Old JohnThe story goes that the Apostle John was nearing death when he finally got back to the church in Ephesus, and all the believers came together to hear the one that Jesus loved, speak to the church.

The crowds came together, and some of the elders carried John to the front, since he was so crippled up, placed him so all could here him.  The crowd hushed in order to hear the words of wisdom that would surely pour forth from the great Apostles heart, mysteries of God from walking with Him for many decades.

He drew in his breathe, looked at the saints and said…

Love one another.

That was his message.  No drawn out sermon.  Succinct and to the point.  (Much unlike some of my posts!)

Brethren.  Don’t argue over disputable issues within the Word, with those who are committed to the Lord.

  • Teach – yes.
  • Encourage – yes.
  • Admonish – yes.
  • Exhort – yes.
  • Correct – yes

Most importantly, in all things – Love the brethren.

Thanks for joining me in this study.  Hope to visit with you in our next post as we continue to look at the Greek term διάκρισις.

Be Blessed.

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