Let Me Tell You a Story – Barnabas and his Field


I have been a believer for nearly 40 years and it amazes me how little I know of the Word.

Many times the Lord reminds me of my pride and arrogance, and the most recent experience was a few nights ago when my favorite wife and I were reading Acts chapter 4 together. During our reading, as we came to the end of the chapter, Luke writes that Joseph – otherwise known as Barnabas, “sells a field.”

For some reason, I was under the impression he sold everything he owned.  He simply sold a field.  Now I am not denigrating his act of love for the Lord and His followers, I am simply expressing my assumptions that were wrong.

No comment on the percentage of Barnabas’s assets that were sold off, or that Barnabas had a ceremony upon giving the cash to the family.  None of that!  Which makes me look forward to tonight when my wife and I consider the story in Acts 5 – You know – when Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira try to duplicate the gift but die trying.

The differences will be instructive!

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