Let Me Tell You a Story – A Racing Prius


I was out one fine Saturday with my youngest daughter, getting some chores done and enjoying being with my little girl.  As we were driving about, we came to a red light and pulled up beside a fella on a ten speed bike.

I looked over to Sarah and told her that my little Prius would easily beat this bike at the green, and we laughed a bit.  I told her that all I need for the little car is two bright blue racing stripes down the middle of the car – that way no one would challenge me at the gate!

We laughed and went on our way, little realizing what the future held for my famous little car.  By the way, have I told you that I own a Prius?  What a great little car.  I have always been a Toyota fella, but a few years back, I started researching the benefits of a Prius and found I wanted to try one.  Bought myself a 2012, and been very happy.  I use it for commuting primarily, but on the weekend, have found it to be a great little truck for hauling payloads of 500 lb or less.  Anyway, this isn’t intended to be a commercial for Toyota, but a story bout my little girls love for an old fool.

Months passed after our little excursion and race with the ten speed.  (By the way,  I did beat the bike off the line!)  I had forgotten about our little discussion, but my daughter hadn’t.  As I came out of church one Sunday, I saw three folks hanging around my little beast, and automatically thought of trouble.  Putting on my eye crutches, I realized it was my daughters along with one of their friends, applying stripes to my beast.  She hadn’t forgot our day out and my silly comment on the stripes.

prius - small.jpgYou know, as I drive the beast around town, I get some great reactions.  One fella, at a bus stop, walked to the edge of the curb and gave me a thumbs up.  I am known as the fella with the racing Prius at work.

Some folks make fun, and mock it.  Their problem not mine.  When I look at the car, I see my daughter’s love for me.

It all depends on the story!

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