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Proverbial Thoughts on Religion

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Thoughts on the topic of religion from the book of wisdom


I have been listening to the book of Proverbs (The Message translation!) on my commute to work lately and it’s been real good. I listen to one chapter a morning, usually 3-4 times over, if the commute lasts that long.

Occasionally, as I am listening to the Proverbs, some thoughts may come to mind and I will post. At times, the verses jump out at me, and the following two verses certainly did that.
To think that the Bible says such about “religion” is kinda shocking. Both for the fella who has never considered the Book, and for those who may have lived by it for years.
Both may be shocked to consider that proper living is more important to God the Father than religious activities.
Say it ain’t so Carl!!!
Proverbs 21:3 is pretty dang clear
Proverbs 21:3
Clean living before God and justice with our neighbors mean far more to God than religious performance.

Do I hear Micah 6:7-8 echoing in the background? Check it out. (A little self study never hurt anyone!)

Proverbs 21:27
Religious performance by the wicked stinks;
it’s even worse when they use it to get ahead.
How twisted, when you think of the original intent of the sacrificial system that Solomon was likely referring to in this passage. Sacrifice was to give up something, not to get something!
How often have you attended a church meeting and out of nowhere, a brother will approach you about some business opportunity, or try to sell you something, like life insurance.
Never took a liking to that, even when I thought of the building as somewhat holier than other buildings. Now to bring up business opportunities in place of fellowship in the Son seems to grind me all types of wrong.
Nevertheless, I hope you have a great day and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Hope to visit with you soon!

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